Amen means a huge yes to life. In sending Christ to earth God affirmed all his promises. So our yes to God is expressed in: Amen  (2. Cor. 1,20).

Amen also means that I hold on to God and have faith in him being with me to the end of age. (2. Cor. 1, 21; MT. 28, 20).


I once had a very bad depression. So bad that I was literately paralysed. And couldn’t even pray. Or that is: I could only pray a silent inward crying “amen”. The amen was like my life; no more to say or do. I felt at an end or at the edge of life.

But there is no place or no hour where God isn’t present. My amen-prayer turned out to be a turning point. Not the ending but the new beginning.

And that is exactly what amen is: Ending and new beginning in one.



Your personal bead

a symbol of the relationship between me and my God., Because the relationship is personal. You and me, God.