Evil and temptation: What tempts us in life? Things, possessions? Easy ways out? All that glitters on the surface? Fame, Narcissism?

Sorrow: the colour black also signifies darkness. But God does not lave us in temptation darkness and sorrow, he lifts us out. Shows us the Light: Jesus!

We pray like this because we are often tempted to do wrong. St. Paul says: I do not do what i want to do, and I do the things I hate (Romans 7:15). And from the very start of the bible we hear of temptation in the story of Adam and Eve.  To be tempted is to turn away from God´s face. To want to be god-like; one’s own creator.

Temptation is to be bound by selfishness, money, power, all that ties us to earthly things.

We are placed on earth to rule creation in God´s name, not in our own.

The lord Jesus himself was tempted in the desert. Three times the devil tried him. Tempted to materialism (stones to bread), irresponsibility (throw yourself down), and taking power (worship me). But Jesus rejects the devil’s temptations. I belong to God alone, and in Jesus’s saying so the power of darkness is conquered.

And then comes the exclamation: Yours, God, is the kingdom, the power and the glory!!!

Jesus is by our side fighting temptation Therefore we say, deliver us from all evil. Praying for strength to resist .

God will show us a way out, St. Paul says.

Christians are never spared suffering, evil and temptation.on the contrary. But in hardships they reveal their strength as children of God.

Black bead, (with streaks of gold maybe)

  Black is the colour of evil and of sorrow.