Daily bread means everything we need to live, also love, kindness, trust. Do not worry. The corn will ripen, it does not worry. Leave your worries with God. They are his,  not yours.

Reflect: with whom have I shared bread all through my life.

If you eat with someone you share proximity. Intimacy even. The word companion comes from latin cum and panis – the one with whom you share bread. The meal is very important throughout the bible and in all societies. If you share a meal you share life.

Do we modern people eat alone too often? Have we got bad table-manners, no consideration, no respect.?

St. Paul warns the Corinthians: (1. Cor. 11, 17 – 34)

When you come together it is not the Lord’s supper you eat, for as you eat, each of you go ahead without waiting for anybody else.

(In our society we throw out tons and tons of food every year. In comparison 24.000 people die of hunger every day.)

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A person does lives not on bread alone, but by everything God says. A person lives of love and charity.

The Holy spirit gives us faith, hope and love .

The gifts of the spirit are multiple.

Yellow bead (formed as loaf of bread)

light and appetizing..

The word Lord etymologically means “the one who provides the bread”