On the seventh day God rested from all his work. Peace and rest is necessary. On the 7th day God enjoyed all he had and saw  around him. God saw that it was good.

Do you see what is surrounding you? Or are you too busy?

 Ask yourself, what does holy mean. It takes time, it takes quietness.

Let us reflect what holy means to us. The holy day, the Sabbath.

 To keep something holy means to honour an heed the most precious in life. Not to go only half way. Hallowing God´s name means that one is to be relied on and trusted.

 Can others trust me?  Can God trust me?

Give me what I need, God, but let it bear your stamp and name, not mine. Hallowed be your name.

White bead

because white is the colour of purity and holiness.


What is holy to me? God? Holidays? Keeping my word? Anything at all?  Or am I  a living “compromiser”   - even when it comes to my  faith?