On the table you see a variety of pictures with tree motives.

Now go and chose one, one that represents you, then sit down , look at the picture in your hand and reflect:

Where are my roots? How deep are they? What roots me?   

And how rooted am I just now, at this point of my life?


2. Rooted in Christ

Some years ago heavy weather hit Denmark, harder than ever. For about 24 hours a raging storm ran over the country. Through radio and television we were ordered to stay indoors.

That day we were staying in our summerhouse. A small and modest little wooden house very near the sea. And with lots of big trees surrounding it, to protect from the wind from the sea.

Safe indoors that night, trying to watch a bit of television to follow the situation, we suddenly became aware of a strange sound or noise from the garden.

 Within seconds we are realising that it is one of the big trees falling. And within the same seconds praying that it won’t hit the house. It didn’t!

But inside the house we literately felt the tremor and the vibrations in the walls and the floor and windows as the tree hit the ground.  That was close. 

The next morning we went out into the garden to see what had happened. And found that one of the big pine trees had been blown down.

 Well, that was only one tree. But through the rest of the country large forest areas had been badly damaged. Especially the softwood areas with its pine and fir trees.

A fir tree has week and small roots in a sort of flat, round formation only in the surface because it normally grows on mountains or by the sea where there is mainly sandy soil. Its root formation isn’t very deep. And therefore it’s weak and exposed to storms.

Quite opposed to  hardwood like oak trees and beeches.

 It goes for trees as well as human beings.

The strength of the bearing part determines the capability to survive and live. It’s the root foundation that matters, for a tree in a storm as well as for a person in a life-storm.

(That was yesterday’s theme, building on a strong base, building on rocks.)

 Our rootedness matters. Strong roots save us by stabilising us. The good and strong roots not only stable us;

They also feed us, supply nutrition. And this way  make us grow. A well rooted plant won’t wither. And it thereby enables many different abilities in us to be released.

It makes us grow.

Like trees we need to be firmly rooted as Christians. To drink the water of life, to be nourished so that we can withstand the storms that come to all of us.

In st. Paul´s letter to the Colossians it says: (Col 2:6-7)

As you received Christ Jesus, the Lord,

so continue to live in him. Keep your roots deep in him and have your lives built on him.Be strong in the faith.

We are rooted in Christ. We may be rocked but we are also for ever rooted. Nourished by the water of life. Anointed by it. Commissioned to go and grow. Go and grow souls. Know that you are rooted in Christ. God will clear the ground. You’ll take root. And fill the land.










With open hearts

in silent prayer

we hear your calling.

You send us out

to boldly go,

your followers in love and peace.