Reflect on walking with Jesus. And when you are ready get up and take a turn around the room. And walk on as long or short as you feel like.

Passing others you may or may not say to them

I am walking with Jesus.

Or you may in silence  draw a curved line on the floor with your foot.


3.Walking with Jesus Christ


To boldly go. This  means moving, moving moving your feet, hands, body and soul.

Rocked and rooted to face the world and its people. when you start walking with Jesus you will be different from other people.

We are all different from each other, but in the walking it will becomes obvious. You will be different, nor because you are better people in a moral sense, or any sense, but because you are from now on  resident aliens in the world. You are becoming fishers of men. Like Levi and Peter and Paul and thousands before you.

The walk starts when you fully realise what happened when Jesus washed his disciples´ feet and said: If I, your lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also should wash each other´s feet”.I did this as an example so that you should do as I have done for you.

Walking with Jesus Christ starts here,

you have to go down on your knees when you wash other peoples´ feet. You are literally in a position below them. When on your knees you can see what is required from a resident alien and fisher of men sent out to do God´s mission.

Let me explain “resident alien” starting with the words of St. Paul from 1. Corinthians (ch.4) People should think of us as servants of Christ. The ones God has trusted with his secrets.

As bearers of God´s secrets we know that we belong to the kingdom of God. This is our home. And God´s kingdom is both present and future.

The world then is not our first home, but we reside here, a kind of aliens, because we know that there is so much more at stake in life than meets the eye.

I think you have all been met with wonder and sometimes strong suspicion when people have known you to be church goers and Christians. There is this “apart” feeling.

And so it must be. The walking is that of the mission that has a church.

The walking can be a lonely one , Those  close to you may not understand, the other people from your church or organisation  may disagree completely as to what is important  about being church. Being servants is not the priority of the established church, where rules tradition and old in-grown habits seem to weigh more than the gospel. Where you might expect encouragement and approval you will be met with silence and distrust.

Therefore it is basically a lonely walk  where you can suddenly meet others who feel and do the same.

The very first Christians had to hide their faith. Or they lost their lives.So they invented a sign to recognise each other.

With his foot in the sand one would draw a curved line, and if the other person knew the sign he would do the same. Together the two curved lines formed a fish. and as you may well know the greek word for fish was ichtys, and the letters taken separately meant: Jesus Christ, son of God, saviour.

Simon Peter was a fisherman when Jesus called him and said to him: Come follow me, and I will make you fish for people.

Fishing for people is what mission is about. And perhaps we should take in the words of St. Francis of Assisi here: Preach the gospel, if necessary use words.

We are sent as servants to fish for people. Not to convince or preach or threaten, but to be good examples .

In all the years the Cathedral of Silence has been present the big Roskilde Rock music festival, and young volunteers have washed thousands of pairs of feet , the words and reactions have been: But You are what you say. You actually do what you believe in.

Big words, but the world is surprised when the church not just talk about love and charity, but when it actually does what it preaches. When Christians and churchgoers are themselves role models and examples of love and charity. Mistrust may follow, but as Jesus says in the parable about the workers: Are you jealous because I am good ?

Yes, the world will be jealous of living examples of Christian goodness.but some people  will also be healed and given hope.

The servants and fishers of people will be called all sorts of things. As Jesus himself experienced it when his healing was called the work of the devil.

Nevertheless this is the walking the world needs.

Because people need to learn about Jesus. and we must show them what it means to us. Use our feet to go out and meet others, on bended knees if that is required. Servants

And when walking, we are walking with Christ .He is there beside us.





With open hearts

in silent prayer

we hear your calling.

You send us out

to boldly go,

your followers in love and peace.