Tast the Gospel.

Have a fish! (fruty fish/salty fish.)

Turn to the person sitting opposit you.

Now go and help each other making a cross from the materials, placed on the floor. Or whatever you can find in here or out side.

Join your forces! 

Remember the sign of cross:

From God in heaven

to us on earth. Share it!

Photo: The Cathedral of Silence at The Roskilde Festival


4. Working for Christ


When you walk, you’ll never walk alone. That’s where we left yesterday. That’s true. Working for Christ is commitment. Commitment mens determination to bring things through. It means obedience. Commitment can be difficult.

Keeping on

Maybe it’s the very first move you find the hardest. When I decided to start on a running program the first weeks were terrible. Muscles I didn’t know I had in my body, was hurting. My lungs were on the inside out. But after some hard weeks I felt some kind of result.  

But I don’t expect to run a Marathon. Yet.  

In other things, it’s easy getting started because we are driven by excitement and curiosity and inquisitiveness. But then, in the middle of it, we loose interest, it gets boring. Or what ever it is, that makes us stop half way through something.

(Like Terah and Abraham, Gen 11,31: he is heading for Canaan but stops half way in Haran. And he lived there for 250 years and he died there. While Abram left 75 years old and got through to the end)   

So keep on. Every step you take brings you nearer the result.

To run a marathon begins with putting one foot in front of the other.  Eating an elephant begins with the first bite.

Trust God

In due season you’ll be rewarded. We’re often too impatient. Wants to see the result immediately. Instantly. Instant results. Like the coffee we drink – instant coffee. Here and now.

Why doesn’t God make it easy for me, He’s got the power to do it. Well, it wasn’t easy for Jesus.

But he trusted God. Like him we must trust God. Trust that He is building you up, (edifying you?)constructing you for maybe not now but later on. Trust Him. And be faithful in (to?) little things.

In Luke 5, 1-7 there is a story about Simon, who’s about to give up. He has been out on the sea all night fishing. Now he’s cleaning his nets when Jesus approach and demands him:

Put out into the deep water, and try again. Out again in the boat. I believe you can do it. Simon objects: I’ve been out there all night with a poor result. And I’m tired, it was a hard work.

But Jesus demands him to go further out on the sea. And Simon obeys: If you say so, I’ll go.

And what happens? He catches so many fish that his nets almost breaks. And so large is his catch that it takes helps from other fishermen.

Simon got the result. And he got so much more than he ever dreamed of.

So make your mind up and go again, and again, and again, if necessary. Trust that He is building you up, He is working in you, constructing you for not now maybe but later to be able to work through you.

Trust Him. And be faithful in (to?) little things.

Be who you are

God is your rock. I am who I am, he says. 

And you are rooted in Christ. Therefore you are free to go and be who God meant you to be. To be you.

And be it with excellency and integrity. That means: do your very best, stretch, go an extra mile if needed. Do it also when it regards small things and things that don’t have other peoples attention.

Keep your promises, be reliable, be trustworthy. In big issues as well in the very small ones. Don’t be halfhearted and mediocre.

Working accumulates experience and experience brings you closer to excellence. Be excellent in your work for Christ. 

Jesus was faithful in even the tiniest little tings. He is our example. He is trustworthy and reliable. He went. To be what he was meant to be from the beginning of beginnings. He didn’t stop half way. But went through with every bit of it.     

He took some very hard steps himself. Towards the cross. He knew he had to go through. But he also knew, that he wasn’t on his own. Even though he felt like that sometimes.

In John 17, 4 He says to his Father in Heaven: I have brought you glory on earth by completing  the work you gave me to do. Christ is our excellent example. Do as He did. 

Let’s bring God glory by doing what is our work to do. That is: to be the person who we are meant to be. Child of God, brother and sister of Christ.



With open hearts

in silent prayer

we hear your calling.

You send us out

to boldly go,

your followers in love and peace.