The Lord's Prayer



For whom: 

- children, youth or adults

retreats and meditation days 

Price by agreement


During the worhshop session we will work our way trhough The Lord's Prayer bit by bit, customized the participants as well as time and place.  

I will bring the pearls and materials needed to create the prayer band. 

The workshop can be prolonged with i.e. a (healing) service or devotion.


In addition:

See more at the above site  "The Lord's Prayer by Pearls" 


Meditation, mindfulness 




Labyrinth walking


For whom:

-children, youth, adult.

- any religious confession and domination, interconfessional

Price by agreemant

Space required:  a sizable room/outdoor place of 10 x 10 m2


Walking the Labyrinth offers you a unique space to slow down for reflection and meditation in a fast paced world. 

The walk do not require anything of you but walking step by step toward the centre of the Labyrinth and then back again.  

It offers you an opportunity to release whatever thoughts and feelings preoccupying you and allows your mind to be quieten. The walk might bring new insights and possibilities into your life.