Your kingdom come. This prayer points in two directions.  The present and future. The present can be carried into effect when people treat each other with love, the future kingdom is what we hope for in eternity.

In God´s future kingdom we shall all be judged for what we have done. And more so for what we did not do.

(MT 25)

Too often we set ourselves first, and set up our own kingdom on earth, and sprain our lives in the process.

Therefore we must incessantly pray: Your kingdom come.


Bead with flowers

to look like paradise


Not paradise as a lost place of the past. Paradise can be here and now, among us. If I listen to what God wants from me, glimpses of Eden occur.

I am his disciple, his servant, his worker, responsible for such glimpses of paradise on earth. Maybe just by talking in a friendly and caring way to my neighbour.

God´s kingdom is the kingdom of love.